Corruption in the ministry of agriculture!

19:48 Jan 14 2015 Takhar

Corruption in the ministry of agriculture!
One of the most corrupt person’s in the ministry of agriculture is …………….

……… is involved in different types of corruptions such as financial, administrative and ethical corruptions.

…………… first job was with the budget department, ministry of finance as agriculture sector ………where he was making a few hundred dollars as monthly salary. He had no other source of income or family business. However, he moved to the Ministry of Agriculture ……………., he has slowly grown and built his network through recruitment of relatives and friends at the various departments and projects in the Ministry. His relatives and friends are working in the finance and procurement sections of the projects in the Ministry. Not only that, he established his own private companies and NGOs and awarded various contracts and projects to his own companies. He has houses in Arzan Keemat, Macroyan 3, Khoshal Khan and in Dubai.

A few days ago his team got 10 dollars of corruption per ton from the purchase of 10000 tons of wheat seed. Also it is good to mention that purchase of the seed is not timely and must be bought during season of cultivation. Total amount of corruption money got was 100000 dollars.

…….. has established strong network of corrupt staff members in MAIL and therefore, he has made millions of dollar through his network and companies.

Also, he has been involved in abusing girls and women and various other sexual harassment cases in the Ministry. If it were not for the sake of family of those girls, we would have named a few. But one among them would be willing to come forward to speak out. girl who was sexually harassed by ……………. in his office. The girl was crying and begging him not to do so and had requested him to stop otherwise she will shout if he doesn’t stop, he only stopped then. The poor girl didn’t speak out because she said "no one will believe ………. girl".

…….. has been running a number of businesses alongside his responsibility as ………….. His transportation and logistics company that is used for transportation of Seeds and emergency supplies of the Ministry to the various provinces. He has been ghost partner in a number of companies that provide services and goods to the Ministry of Agriculture. The flour mills(………………….) he has been having share with his nephew. Some of these businesses have been arranged so smartly that no one could trace his involvement. But if anyone looks into his assets, he or she would find out that a person who is making a few hundred dollars a month wouldn’t be able to become multi-millionaire through monthly salary. Moreover, he has misused government resources. He has recently refurbished his office and spent over $45,000 for a small office while the Afghan government is unable to pay the salary of civil servants due to the budget deficiency.

We request the national unity government to investigate all the corruption cases in the ministry of agriculture and take action against those involved in corruptions.


Civil Servants at the Ministry of Agriculture of Afghanistan
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